The Pentalemma

The Discordian Pentalemma:

  1. Is Eris willing to prevent Order, but not able? Then She is not omnipotent.
  2. Is She able, but not willing? Then She is malevolent.
  3. Is She both able and willing? Then whence cometh Order?
  4. Is She neither able nor willing? Then why call Her Goddess?
  5. In conclusion: Eris is a weak, hateful, Order-inflicting bitch.

The Erisian Pentabuttal:

  1. Are you saying that the only proof of a woman’s power is Her ability to fulfill your desires? Why should She prevent Order?
  2. Are you calling Her evil for not catering to your every whim? Perhaps She isn’t the malevolent one.
  3. Even when you admit that it’s not Her fault, you still place the responsibility for preventing Order on Her. Pull your own weight.
  4. Respect. That’s why.
  5. In conclusion: You’re an unreasonable, spoiled, lazy asshole.

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