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Shameless Self-Promotion

Looking at the Google results for “sacred chao” (and the Google Image results) has left me a little disheartened, and I haven’t posted in a few days, so let me give you some links. For the page rank.

These are all public domain or whatever is closest in your jurisdiction. Have fun.

The source code’s page and a direct link to the zip.

The POVRay Scared Chao Gallery at deviantArt.

Sacred Chao Animated PNG:
Sacred Chao Animated PNG

Sacred Chao Animated GIF:
Sacred Chao Animated GIF

A Selection of Sacred Chao Themes (24 in total):

Sacred Chao Theme 23
Sacred Chao Theme 22
Sacred Chao Theme 17
Sacred Chao Theme 4
Sacred Chao Theme 1

Jailbreak the Patriarchy for GreaseMonkey

Jailbreak the Patriarchy for GreaseMonkey.

I feel productive.

What am I Doing Here?

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Don’t burn your bridges.

Old sayings about bridges have got me thinking in permutations.

Bridge as a noun, cross and burn as verbs:
We’ll cross that bridge when we burn it.
We’ll burn that bridge when we cross it.

Cross as a noun, bridge and burn as verbs:
We’ll burn that cross when we bridge it.
We’ll bridge that cross when we burn it.

Burn as a noun, cross and bridge as verbs:
We’ll cross that burn when we bridge it.
We’ll bridge that burn when we cross it.

I would have included permutations of “come to” but that would have been indecent.

Chrome: Jailbreak the Patriarchy

Jailbreak the Patriarchy

It’s a Google Chrome extension. Looking at the source, it’s not bad for a first time. (I would have used replacement || match instead of the ternary operator, and that big block of replaces could probably have been done some other way but I’m not regexy enough to figure out how.)

I’ve never liked re-gendering; often it ends up sounding like a threat, but this line is just gold:

the matriarchy also hurts women

I don’t know whether to agree or laugh mockingly.

Edit: It’s also on GitHub and I know enough about Firefox extension development to never do so (three days just to get Hello, World to install!). Anybody?