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Forgotten Science Fiction Movie

I saw a movie once, back in the 1990s, I think. It’s been nagging at me for months now.

The movie has three main characters: The Good Guy, The Bad Guy, and The Girl. All white. The Good Guy is a space cop, The Bad Guy is a space criminal, and The Girl was probably a romantic interest. (I’m not saying it was a good movie.)

The opening credits appear against a sequence in space or hyper-space or sub-space or where-ever. There are two ships, one chasing the other, both small single (maybe double) occupant crafts. The ship being chased drops out of hyper first. They both land on Earth twenty years apart, The Bad Guy landing earliest.

The Good Guy, new to Earth, learns the ropes with help from The Girl. Along the way, Bad Guy shows up and we find out that he can regenerate limbs, and he regenerates one of his hands.

The Bad Guy tries to convince The Girl that he’s good and The Good Guy is bad. The Girl is momentarily confused. At the time, I thought it was amazingly clever, but in retrospect it was probably an obvious cliché.

Somewhere in all the chases, possible romances, and fight scenes, there’s this one scene that has stuck in my mind: one of the aliens pulls a gun out of his stomach. No, not like Videodrome; this was not a metaphor; it was a revolver.

Any help identifying this movie would be appreciated.

Rasputina — When I was a Young Girl

Rasputina — When I Was a Young Girl.

Where is this song from? Is it a cover? A folk song? Does it borrow or steal from another song? a musical?

It’s just so familiar but I know I’ve never heard it before.