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On Rev Lady Mal

On our path to rationality and actual thought (as opposed to automatic response / reactivity), we might need a crutch that will slowly dissolve as we grow; a goddess that will fit nicely into those dark corners of our animal psychology and encourage us to not believe in her.

The Principia Discordia warns us against prayer, encourages us to make our own scripture, and features a nice little quote:

Everybody I know who is right always agrees with ME.

— Rev Lady Mal

And yet, there’s no indication of who agrees with her, or what opinions she may have had. We’re left to figure it out for ourselves. Since this is also a claim of authority, it’s yet another Discordian joke against other religions: the final authority is a Rorschach, reflecting our own judgement. She only holds those opinions we give to her. It’s also a subtle indicator of female-dominance; just the kind of thing you’d expect from a religion with a goddess (and just the kind of thing I’m looking for in life).