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Discordian Calendars for 03183 (2017)

Still trying to negotiate its own identity, caught between the paradise of its ideals and the realities of its history still fresh on our tongues, wheezing noisily. Gathered around looking concerned and asking about our stereos, might not be loud enough. Bumped very lightly into a limp and fangless thing: government-subsidized poets, vague nonsense zombies who wrote verses and talked revolution, with an insatiable hunger for news.

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I art my porn and other stuff.


Sigh. I am filled with bad habits and wasted times.

As far as personal projects go, this “art” has been in almost continuous production since the late ’90s. It’s what I do when I can’t think of anything else to do.

Discordian Calendars for 03179

Caution: Meego is the nanny state. Magic is outlawed; do not disappear.

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